Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Evening, Barebackers

Good evening, all...Barebackerman here in StPaul, MN. I hope my fellow bloggers like the vids and pix I have posted. I am a gifter and like public sex, breeding hole and sharing war stories about the bb life. I look forward to meeting you and blogging with you about your hot fuck experiences.

taking care of business with my chaser bud

poz pecker up and randy to breed hole

gifting a bud

Post I

My handle and primary photo says it all as to why I am here and what I am looking for. I will be sharing videos, photos and stories about my experiences as an unrepentant, guilt-free breeder of butthole. Once I figure out how to navigate the mechanics of how to make this motherfucker work I will get cracking on the stories. More to come soon...